Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

We offer the most cost-effective commercial window cleaning service for commercial establishments of every size. We can clean the windows on high-rise skyscrapers, small apartment complexes, malls, retail stores and more. We work with construction companies to provide cleaning at the construction site and prepare buildings for opening. We offer flexible cleaning times and we can operate during your operative downtime, effectively allowing you to continue business without shutting it down. We use power tools to help eliminate the most resilient dirt and we can service multi-layered windows or decade-old windows.

We can clean windows from the inside but we also specialize in external cleaning for office buildings and high-rises. We can wash the windows from the inside and proceed to the external. Our operatives are efficient and trained to cover multiple floors at a fast rate. They carry out the most thorough cleaning procedures, leaving your windows in peak sanitary condition.

We can restore your window's optimal transparency and establish new standards for cleanliness in your building. We can also service modernist architecture that has a lot of hard to reach windows. Our window cleaning teams are flexible they can service buildings ranging from street retail stores to large sized buildings. We deploy different units depending on the scale. We frequently clean food establishments, retail stores and office buildings.

Window cleaning prices

The main benefit to our service is that there is zero downside or risk involved for your employees. We abide by the highest safety standards and our employees are equipped with safety equipment that allows them to reach the most remote areas in your building. They also use power cleaning tools. The quality of service will be universal, guaranteeing windows on every floor will receive equal cleaning and your windows won’t be damaged. We can operate during your downtime or work hours. We operate on windows form all eras and we have experience with the different building types in the Auckland metro. We can raise the cleanliness level of your facility and negotiate maintenance on a weekly or monthly basis. We have the best commercial window cleaning prices in the industry.

Here’s what our clients are saying

  • "In this day and age it's hard to find a company that lives up to what they say they will do. SuperCity Property Services certainly live up to their promises! "
    Ryan Ross, Northcote
  • "I can highly recommend Supercity Property Services to anyone wanting a reliable, honest and thoroughly professional team to work inside or outside their home. They go the extra mile to provide brilliant service with the least amount of disruption "
    Phillip Harper, Browns Bay