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Here at Supercity, we know maintenance because we’ve been in the business for over 30 years. We’ve gathered together a team of talented and trustworthy professionals who are truly dedicated to your job.


We pride ourselves on finding the right solutions and want to help take the work out of managing your maintenance.  We will be flexible with your time, intuitive to your needs and always there to answer questions, prior, during and after your job. 

Spend a penny, save a pound!!

At the beginning of a new year, with nearly thirty years of property maintenance behind us, we have been reflecting on the old adage “ a penny of prevention saves a pound of cure”. Every day as we work on dozens of residential dwellings and commercial buildings of all types and descriptions we see examples of the enduring truth of this old saying.

Something as simple as a regular gutter and down pipe clean can avert a whole world of pain. Every day we see examples where this hasn’t been carried out and the resulting damage to the property is substantial. In the best possible scenario, the weight of accumulated debris has only broken the mounting brackets and the gutter has sagged a bit, and maybe only damaged a section of a few metres.

Moving on up the potential problem scale we next get to guttering badly rotted because it never dries out due to holding damp material. Generally it means replace the whole lot, and that is thousands of dollars. But the potential downside doesn’t stop there, because if the gutter is overflowing due to being full that water is probably overflowing into your house. Generally speaking water in your house is not considered a good thing unless it is coming out of a tap, and when it is leaking in at gutter level it is busy rotting your fascia’s and soffits, and then heading on in to have a go at your framing and ceiling and wall linings. Once its in there, it’s a big expensive job to fix it up. And the worst part is its completely avoidable by having your gutters and downpipes checked and cleaned every year.


Keep your home clean on the outside

You need to keep your home clean on the outside for a few important reasons. Not only does it make your house look fantastic, but more importantly, keeping your house clean can prevent damage to your asset. Maintenance is key here for preventing damage, mold, moss and general wear in tear.


It's also just as important to stay on top of broken items and provide regular maintenance checks and repairs for your home but by swelling on these repair tasks the damage can also get worse. 


Staying on top of your home maintenance is very important, keeping your home safe and healthy. 




Spring is in the air

Spring has well and truly sprung and your annual spring clean shouldn’t be just about the inside of your home.  Weathering the winter elements can be brutal on your property so take some time now to give the exterior of your home the once over. 

Here’s a handy list of maintenance checks and jobs you should do once the daffodils have burst:

  1. Inspect the roof for and missing, loose or damaged areas and the dreaded leaks.
  2. Let the light in by cleaning or washing windows and skylights
  3. Remove leaves and debris from gutters and downpipes and schedule a thorough check
  4. Check your smoke detector batteries.
  5. Check and remove any moss and mould buildup
  6. Pre-empt unwanted house guests by booking a pest control service
  7. Power wash your deck ready for those balmy evening meals outside
  8. Remove any unsightly cobwebs
  9. Touch up any paint spots

Scheduling in a few simple maintenance jobs will make sure your home is in great shape for the warmer months ahead and will help avoid costly repairs if potential issues go unnoticed.  

Maintenance on your house should be as important as the maintenance we do on our cars.  Spend a little to maintain your home now to avoid spending a lot later. 

Our crew of friendly professionals has the experience, tools and focus to get your exterior spring clean well and truly underway.

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