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Roof cleaning prolongs the life of your roof


Roof cleaning tiled and iron roofed Auckland houses

At Super City Property Services we cannot stress enough the importance of regular roof cleaning. Auckland’s humid climate means that roofs are highly susceptible to biological growth, such as moss, mould etc. which eat away at the surface causing irreversible damage to your roof. That’s why for the best professional roof cleaning Auckland has to offer, come to Super City Property Services. We offer a roof spraying and cleaning services for commercial and residential buildings across Auckland.


Since fungi and lichen can use almost any material for food, they are able to colonise all over your building, and especially on your roof.  These growths degrade the exterior of the roof by eating through coatings and leaving surfaces exposed to the elements, this will eventually lead to leaks and permanent damage – and it might not be restricted to just the roof as leaks can cause significant problems too.



Roof cleaning protects the value of your property


We’ll get rid of unsightly, corrosive moss and mould before they cause costly damage to your roof. You’ll not only have a nicer looking roof, but you’re protecting the value of the building too.


All biological growth can be eliminated with an application of our Moss and Mould Treatment. Our self-developed product consists of a unique selective biocide that is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and specifically designed for the removal of biological growth.


Moss and mould removal from a roof, skylight and guttering



25 years experience make us Auckland’s roof cleaning experts


We’ve been in this business for 25 years, and have perfected the art of roof cleaning. Our process is quick, cost-effective and low-mess.


We apply the roof cleaning productwith a purpose built, low pressure, diaphragm pump. The product immediately attacks the growth, and then the rain washesit away, leaving you with a clean roof – that will stay that way for longer.


What’s more it hasa residual effect, which ensures that once we’ve cleaned your roof, it will stay clean for up to 6 times longer than if it was water blasted. Water blasting can also severely damage the surface of the roof, and can even accidentally perforate some surfaces.



The perfect time to clean your property from top to bottom


When you’re having your roof cleaned it’s the ideal time to have the building washed as well. Our building wash options are perfect for any property. We can make your home or premises look its best, and remove any harmful biological growth.


We clean drives and paths too getting rid of potentially dangerous slippery moss and mould.


If you have commercial premises it might make very good business sense to have a SuperCity Property Services Building Maintenance Management contract, and everything will be taken care of for you – easily and cost effectively. 



Get your free roof cleaning quote today


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We look forward to hearing from your soon.


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